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Apart from general fundraising, Agapé offers the opportunity to sponsor children in the Emmanuel Orphanages from both individual and corporate levels.

Individual Child Sponsor:

  • $30/month ($360/year) – gives a child food, clothing, shelter and medicine

Individual-Level Sponsorship:

  • $35/year – gives a child two sets of school clothes, good for one year
  • $25.00/month – assists with Agapé wire, postage and office supplies

Business-Level Sponsorship:

  • $35/child – gives a child two sets of school clothes, good for one year
  • $1,000/year- provides school books for schools located within the Emmanuel Orphanages
  • $10,000/year – covers 6 teachers, 2 aids, 1 principle and 1 secretary salary for orphanage schools

Other Opportunities

  • Building fund – Includes repairs and new building construction
  • Sponsor an entire orphanage, from 7 to 35 children

All sponsors will receive monthly e-newsletters focusing on how their donations have made a difference through Agapé as well as relevant, current events within India.  The purpose of this newsletter is to keep our sponsors “in the know.”

Individual child sponsors will additionally receive letters written, specifically  from their sponsored child throughout the year .  We strongly encourage communication between sponsor and child, as this helps to create a bond of love, support, hope and encouragement.

To become a sponsor or to learn more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact us:

Debby Pastrana Williams
President/Founder ACC, Inc
Phone: 410.507.8860