Recent Trips

Our next trip is January 21-February 1, 2015


A group of 15 just spent 11 days with the children of Emmanuel Orphanage, returning home December 1, 2013.  Many life changing connections and experiences were made.  Loving on the children was a given but we also were able to take 160 children to a water park, give them an ice-cream party, played together, learned together as these children have so much faith and so much more.  Our team also took a scenic boat trip down the world famous Back Waters of Kerala, India as well as visited a Leper Colony that Agape’ helps.

Because of the generous donations, we were able to purchase 13 laptop computers for the older children as well as 6 desk top computers for the on site grammar school.  The surprise to the children and the blessings that it gave us to witness this as well as the blessings the computers will give the children is a miracle in itself.  For these children to have access to a computer to further their studies, puts them on a level playing field with other students.  Having an education, for these children especially, is their ticket out of poverty and off the streets.  Being orphaned, most don’t have family to fall back on for help.

Anyone can attend our life-changing mission trips. Once you hear others’ experiences it will be hard to deny we are making a difference. It is impossible to interact with these wonderful children and leave unaffected in some way. Here are just some of the monumentally spiritual experiences others have had on recent trips.