What We Do


The Emmanuel Orphanages need support and Agapé helps to provide it. From financing basic needs such as food, clothing, shelter and school uniforms to raising money for new buildings and refurbishing existing ones.  We are also working to raise money for the salaries of teachers and child-caretakers.

Agapé would also like to begin the development of multipurpose buildings on orphanage grounds.  These buildings would house mission teams when visiting, as well as orphanage volunteers and workers. In addition, multipurpose buildings would serve as a safe haven for children to read, study and play throughout their day.

Agape is 100%  volunteer, which means, all monies that Agapé receives go towards the children in the Emmanuel Orphanages  as well as minimal  Agapé operating expenses.



Agapé organizes yearly mission trips to India to visit the orphans within the Emmanuel Orphanages and encourages all sponsors to join.  Through these trips, lifelong bonds are formed and the children are able to develop the sense of family that most of them have lost or have never known.  While words cannot do these experiences justice, they’re something that individuals need to experience firsthand.  All our teams stay on the orphanage grounds which helps develop closer relationships with the children that they have traveled to visit.

As an organization, we have participated in ten separate group mission trips to India. Although most of our time in India is spent at the orphanage interacting and loving on  the children, we also visit with ‘the forgotten’ at the Leper Colony.  Words can not express this life changing experience as you see, talk with and visit a society of people that have been ostracized from their own families; your heart will be touched for life. We also have toured tea plantations, boated on the beautiful Back Waters, swam in the Arabian Sea, shopped, rode an elephant and much more.

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