When I learned of the wonderful things Agape was doing in India, half way around the world, I knew this ministry was for me.  Equipped to serve the needs of children, a heart to love them and the willingness to make the journey is all one needs to be a part of this mission trip.  Upon your return you will find that the love and attention you gave these children comes back to you tenfold and remains in your heart.  That memory sticks with you and you will want to do more, to be available to be His hands and feet, and to continue to serve these precious little children..                             ~Anna 

“Walking away unchanged was not an option.  If these precious children who have so little, can praise and worship the Lord with such pure joy… it is humbling to think about all that we have and still many times find ourselves shamefully grumbling about what we do not have“                                                                                                                 -Karen

“The Children filled my heart with extreme love and hope. Their worship and prayer each day was awe inspiring. The children’s joy and hope in the Lord was evident each day.”

“To see the loving care given by everyone working at the orphanage was…amazing. They are Jesus’ hands and feet in action working on behalf of the children. From the minute we arrived until the waving of hands and tears goodbye, I have never felt such brotherly love and care…I may give monetary support, however what I was given in return was much more.”