About Us

There are an estimated 31 million orphaned children in India, facing poverty, prostitution, natural disasters, slavery and more. These children live day-to-day, seemingly unnoticed within a nation so populous. While there are many hundreds of orphanages and organizations actively working to help these children, there simply aren’t enough of them.  Agapé Children’s Connection was founded with the sole purpose of provide aid for these children.

Created in November 201o, Agapé is making a difference in the lives of India’s orphans in a time when it’s desperately needed. Through our fundraising activities and by offering sponsorship opportunities to both individuals as well as business entities, we are able to provide the basic necessities such as food, water and shelter to the children living throughout the Emmanuel Orphanages in India. We also continue to invest in the future of these children by providing school uniforms and supplies as well as helping to send as many children, as possible, to school.

Today Agapé sponsors over 160 children, connecting families in this country to these less fortunate, orphans in India. Agapé strives to give these children a connection and the belonging that can only come from being within a family.



Debby Pastrana Williams

Debby was born and lived most of her life in Maryland.  From being a long time flight attendant to most recently working in the operating room as a surgical technologist for the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center in Baltimore, she has also earned her private pilot license in 2004.  Debby has traveled on multiple mission trips to South America and India since 2002. Blessed with a wonderful family of her own, she became a first time grandmother in September 2013. God willing, Debby is passionately committed to helping as many children in Southern India as humanly possible. The Agape’ foundation was started in memory of her father, Ray Huff, who was an orphan himself but passed before he saw the start of the Agape’ foundation in his honor.


Tammy Sheetenhelm
Vice President

Tammy has a passion for people and animals.  She has been a vet tech for 9  years.  Tammy is a loyal friend, Pastor’s wife, mother of 2 and grandmother of 4.  Tammy has been on 4 trips to India visiting the orphan children and lepers.  Not only have the children adopted Tammy, she has adopted them all in her heart as well.  Her love and compassion for the children and foundation makes her an invaluable asset to Agape’.


Charlene Stammer

Charlene is the new-comer to the team.  Charlene brings with her the art of numbers as well as her passionate love for the India children.  She has been in real estate for many years.  After 20 years apart, Charlene is engaged to be married in November 2014 to her high school sweetheart.  Both her and John were a magical couple to the children in India on the past  November mission trip. We are excited for her to be a part of the Agape’ team.


Grace Varghese
Tech Support

Grace is the daughter of Pastor Varghese Thudian who started Emmanuel Orphanage in which Agape’ helps to support. She graduated Spring 2013 from Liberty University majoring in Information Systems in Lynchburg, VA.  Grace will continue her education as she has received a scholarship for her Masters in Management of Information Systems.  Grace  is a lovely young lady and we are excited that she updates and maintains the Agape’ website.