Ray’s Story

Agapé Children’s Connection was created in memory of W. Ray Huff, father of founder Debby Pastrana, for the countless orphaned children across the globe.

Ray was born in the heart of Washington DC to immigrant parents during the height of the great depression. At the age of six, Ray lost his father unexpectedly. His mother, who spoke minimal English and with three children in tow, had to make the heartbreaking decision of giving her only son up to an orphanage.

Between daily fights with other boys at the orphanage to constantly being on the receiving end of stolen clothes and other personal items, Ray had it tough growing up. He always tried to make the best out of his situation however, and found ways to survive his tough times. Known for toting his wagon throughout town, for a nickel Ray would fill his wagon full of groceries and deliver them from stores to customers’ homes.

Ray would grow up to have a family of his own and even a successful, thriving business. Throughout his 72 years, Ray never forgot his past, and dedicated both his time and, through anonymous donations, his money to those less fortunate then he was.

While working Tsunami relief for India in 2005, we witnessed firsthand the devastation and loss of home and family for thousands of children.  Their pain and unknowing future resembled Ray’s struggle for survival.

Ray passed away in August 2007, however his legacy of giving back to those not as fortunate as he was lives on through the work of Agapé Children’s Connection.

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